San Francisco’s Arik Armstead 49 celebrates after a Bengali bag of Cincinnati at Paul Brown Stadium on September 15. September 2019.

Arik Armstead appeared on Wednesday on various topics from the San Francisco 49ers, but his comments about former DeForest Buckner teammate Javon Kinlava and new teammate Javon Kinlava were most interesting.

M. Armstead spoke to 49 media representatives on Buzz Phone for the first time since signing an $85 million, five-year contract last spring.

#Arik Armstead’s #49 talks about his play in 2019 and what awaits him in 2020:

I want to play faster, I want to work on my production, I want to keep working on my technique, and there are certainly areas where there is room for improvement. But I think I got a lot better last season.

– Fourth and ninth (@quarter_nine) 13. May 2020.

The signing of this new contract meant that 49 cars had to sign a contract with Buckner to retain some value, as San Francisco traded defence equipment against the Indianapolis Colts for the 13th general election under the NFL 2020 project.

Notes about Buckner

With Buckner and Armstead playing exceptionally well on their second contract, it was almost impossible to keep the two defenders on the roster.

Arik Armstead said in a videoconference with the media that he was shocked after signing his deal and selling DeForest Buckner. #49ers

– 95.7 Game (@957The Game) 13. May 2020

San Francisco decided to expand Armstead and trade with Buckner, probably because Buckner was worth more in the merchant market. However, this did not make things any easier for Armstead, especially when the Buckner deal and contract extension were announced on the same day.

It sure was an interesting day, Mr. Armstead said. There’s a lot of excitement about the signing of the Niners. It’s definitely what I wanted to do. What the DeFos did was a shock to me and I was trying to figure out how it happened.

I saw it in the media, then I called DeFo and we talked about it. Everything happens for a reason. It’s strange not to be on the same team anymore and not play side by side. But we’re both super happy. He really deserves this contract, he’s a great player, and he’s gonna do great things in Indianapolis.

Buckner hasn’t renewed its 12 bags since 2018, but its 7.5 bags in 2019 are still of great value, especially as a spacious interior. When Armstead made a strong attack and attacked Nick Bosa from a weak flank, the 2019 trio became a nightmare for the NFL quarterback.

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Greetings from Javon Kinlava

The trio may not be together anymore, but the 49ers replaced Buckner in 2019 with one of the best defensive shells of the soccer school. Kinlaw has an impressive SEC pedigree, and Armstead admitted that on Wednesday.

Javon will have his own career, Armstead said. But when I look at him in the limited number of things I’ve seen, he’s extremely talented, athletic, strong.

He will enrich our team enormously, and I am very happy that we are all together to start this journey, to bring him back to reason, to be a leader and to guide him throughout his career, especially in these early days.

Armstead loves Kinlaw as his own player, given that Kinlaw’s career in the NFL and the 49ers began against the backdrop of an impressive first season in the Buckner League.

Kinlow’s reputation as a player is less focused on throwing passes than Buckner’s, but the former South Carolina Heimcock has consistently disrupted every stage of the game, with a total of 65 turns, 15 sacks and seven knockout passes in the last two years of college.

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