The 10th anniversary issue of Apple’s iPhone generated a lot of speculation, and the latest one appeared in the form of leaking images from two technology blogs.

The technical and unknown blog @GearIndia on Tuesday published a series of high-quality renderings, allegedly based on CAD images of the factory of the future Apple, the OLED iPhone.

In the photos Apple simulates the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a screen. In fact, the photos show the recycled iPhone 8 with a high-resolution screen. The renderings are based on the assumption that the iPhone will be 8 144 mm high, 71 mm wide and 77 mm thick. So it’s a little bigger than the iPhone 7, but smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus and a little thicker than both.

The images show a smooth OLED windscreen at the edges of the screen, which should not differ from the keys in favour of a fully virtual house key. The only characters visible in the framed drainage area of the body are the holes for the microphone and the front dual lens camera, which contain 3D sensitivity features that may be used for facial recognition or future advanced reality features.

On the back is the general vertical orientation of the other slightly protruding dual lens camera, a change from the horizontal position used on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

See here another concept video for the iPhone 8

Apple is expected to test several prototypes of its redesigned iPhone for its 10th anniversary, and the rumors cause consumers and enthusiasts to wonder if production will keep pace with its launch in September, when it will be announced along with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.