ESBB Bihar Council 12. Updated (interim) results for 2020 online : The Examination Board of the Bihar School (BSEB) announced the results of the 12th examination of the Bihar School on Tuesday. Classes for all 3 areas, including arts, sciences and business, on their official website at known.

For this year’s evaluation of the 12. There are about 12 Laha candidates in the first class. The results were published online without a press conference on the coronavirus outbreak.

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10:55 AM

Possibility to study the answer sheet, currently not available

Bihar’s board of directors has announced that as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which claimed the life of a man in Bihar, funds to apply for a leaflet brand study will no longer be available from now on. As soon as the situation is under control, the Board of Directors will make the object available for inspection.


Bihar council between art results 2020: 81.44% success

In artificial flow, the first division 1 makes 75,017 passes, the second 2 86,454 passes and the third 50,113 passes. Thus, 5.11, 745 students pass through the artistic stream, i.e. 81.44% of the passage.

20H40 IST

Results Bihar Council for Inter-institutional Arts 2020: 6.28.363 students appear

There were 6,288,363 candidates for the ESBB middle art exams, including 2,533,199 boys and 3,75,164 girls.

20:10 ACTUAL

Outcome2020: 93.26% of respondents voted for Bihar Chamber of Commerce outcome.

In the operating flow there are 43,296 by the first division, 20,514 by the second division and 2,401 by the third division. For example, 66,215 students pass through the trade flow, which corresponds to 93.26% of the points obtained.

7:50 AM

Outcome of the Bihar Council on trade relations between EU countries by 2020: 71 004 Applicants appear

A total of 71,004 candidates were proposed for the ESBB mid-term review: 47,060 boys and 23,944 girls.

7:38 AM

International scientific output of the Bihar Council by 2020: 77.39% success rate

In the Bihar Science Intermediate Exam 2, 24, 971 passed the first part, 1, 62, 471 passed the second part and 3, 601 passed the third part. For example, there are 3,91,199 students in the science stream, representing a percentage of 77.39%.

7.30 HOURS

International scientific output of the Bihar Council for 2020: 5.05, 467 students participated

In 2020, 5 05 467 students were enrolled in the Science Flow exam, including 3 56 042 boys and 1 49 425 girls.

19:22 IST

Bihar Council between 2020 results: Neha Kumari – Higher Science Flow

Neha Kumari crowned an interim study of the scientific pair Bihar with 476 out of 500 markers.

7:19 AM

Bihar Council between 2020 results: Causar Fatma and Sudhanshu Narayan Choudhary – Trading companies

Causar Fatma and Sudhanshu Narayan Choudhary lead the interim review in Bihar with 476 out of 500 points.

19:13 IST

Bihar Council between 2020 results: Sakshi Kumari – Shoe

Sakshi Kumari was in charge of the artificial flow test. She scored 474 out of 500 points.

07 : 16.00 HOURS POWER

Bihar Council between 2020 results: 4.43, 284 students pass with first class

This year, 4 43,284 students passed their first year exam, 4 69,439 students passed their second year exam and 56,115 students passed their third year exam.

18:57 IST

Bihar Council between 2020 results: There were 12 04 834students this year.

This year there were 12.04.834 candidates for the 12. Class of the Bihar Board of Directors, of which 6 56 301 men and 5 48 533 women.

18:53 POWER

Bihar board class 12 2020 Results: Overall adequacy 80.44%

The overall success rate for the Bihar interim review is 80,44%. Last year, the total percentage of the class 12 exams was 79.76%.

18H40 IST

12. Announcement of the results of the Bihar Board of Directors

The Bihar Council presented the results of the 12th session of the Conference. Famous art, science and business class on

18:33 IST

Bihar Council 12. 2020 results to be published soon

The Bihar School Review Committee will soon publish the interim results for 2020 on