Jalen violated the NFL


Jailen Hearts is a fascinating prospect for the NFL project.

Jailen Hearts hasn’t stopped training camp yet, but there are already rumors about a new acquisition for the NovaCare quarterback position.

Hurts, the second round of the Eagles (53rd overall), sheds light on the mental aspects of the game and takes the playbook very lightly this spring in a virtual practice session. Press Taylor (passive game coordinator/quarterback coach) co-operated with him in the singles game, placed him in the area and had him call the players. And impressively, Hearts breaks with terminology in the true sense of the word. Head coach Doug Pederson was very impressed with his progress.

His mental development from the start of the off-season to today has been very good, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson told reporters. One thing Press Taylor has done is put him in a difficult situation where he sets the rules and can just spit on him. He did it on a very good level and now that we’ve put him on the field, he really has to do it and get out. But I was very impressed with his progress this spring.

Jalen Hurts collaborates with Press Taylor (coach of the #Eagles QB) in refereeing situations and calligraphy games. He’s a quick learner, Pederson says.

He calls the coins and can just spit on her. He did it on a very good level, high… I was very impressed.

– Michael Greger (@mike_greger) 17. June 2020.

The disclaimer that follows each Pederson commentary also contains grass, of course. All his players learned quickly during the matches and came back in good shape. However, no one can say how it will spread on the ground until they are in the green grass pits under the spikes. It is a slow and insightful process – and it only hurts in the first phase.

With Jaylen, it’s something – with young quarterbacks, you always have an idea or understanding of where they stand, not only at the beginning of the off-season but also at the end, Pederson said. It slows down with young players. You slow things down a little so they can understand the terminology.

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Powders for the formation of group

Carson Wentz invited a group of beneficiaries to his Houston farm. Fletcher Cox did the same thing at his ranch in Jacksboro, Texas.

It was a way to safely break the monotony of your forties and create chemistry with your teammates. Normally the Eagles work together at NovaCare. Wenz and Cox took the initiative to travel together after the closure of the site in connection with the COVID 19 pandemic.

Published with demons – @Eagles pic.twitter.com/MXtKrKVzsT

– 2. Deon Hodges (@_DHodges) June 2020

One of the things is that they were small groups, said Pederson, so they were protected, and that’s our goal in the first place, but it is not for nothing that it is a great way to start building chemistry, especially with the number of young people that we have with Carson.

The head coach congratulated her and thinks it will help to create chemistry as we approach the training camp.

I think it’s important that they get together and create team chemistry as a position group, Pederson said. Whether it’s the D-Line or the receptors, they all come together the way they do. I thank the boys for doing this and for wasting their time.

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