To say the New York Knicks have had bad luck over the years would be an understatement.

Of course they found gold in 1985 when they captured Patrick Ewing in his first general election, but in a rather controversial way. Since then, however, the basketball gods have rejected the Knicks, who have been fighting with broken hearts for decades.

Even today, an angry New York franchise is waiting for the savior who will change everything.

Let’s look at the five worst moments in Knicks’ history.

KD and Kyrie, Knicks amplifier for thenetwork

The final problem of the Knicks is probably one of the most devastating events in their history. At the beginning of the summer of 2019 the Knicks fans counted their chicks before they hatched. There was a strong belief that the free agents of superstar Kairi Irving and Kevin Durant would unite and accept their talents in the Big Apple.

These rumors have tickle a community of successful fans to become relevant again. It’s true, both stars signed with New York City – but it wasn’t for the Knicks. Durant and Irving put salt on the rejection wound and instead decided to cross town with their rivals from Brooklyn Nets.

This catapulted the net directly into thinking, of course, while the Knicks had nothing for it.

Despite being limited by a shoulder injury, Irving was no worse than advertised, averaging 27.4 points, 5.2 rebounds and 6.4 assists in 20 games. In the meantime, Durant should fully recover from his Achilles heel injury and strengthen the net next season.

Lebron missing (three times)

Lebron James, Knicks.

Connecting points

For many years, dysfunction and unrest have affected the franchise, but Knicks’ management remains optimistic that the city’s charm will continue to attract superstars.

It is interesting to note that at the end of each contract they dictated the biggest star of this generation, Lebron James.

In 2010, the Knicks started looking for ways to get into the Royal Race, while they watched to see if he would choose New York as his new home. But once again, Pat Riley was able to thwart them after attracting an entire generation of talent to South Beach.

Four years later, the Knicks came back on the radar to bring Lebron back to the city after his contract with Miami had ended.

It was at that time that the franchise had the best chance to land Lebron because he had a relationship with the then Knicks head coach David Fizdale. New York also made room in the hat this year and even had the money to draw the second star as soon as James drew the dotted line. Of course, this never happened.

In 2018 the road is long, but New York keeps messing around and trying to land the Lebron again. The king goes to the big market again – but he chooses the west coast and signs a deal with The Purple and Gold.

LeBron will be a free man in 2022, and we can expect the Knicks to try his luck again.

Final defeats in 1994 Missiles

Thanks to their constant tormentor Michael Jordan, who announced his resignation that year, the Knicks had a better chance to end the drought in the 1994 championship. It was destined to happen, especially after they knocked out defending champion Chicago Bulls in the second round.

Patrick Ewing seemed to be the best center in the league until he met Hakin Olajuwon in the finals. Eventually, Ewing brought the dream back to university when he led Georgetown Hoyas to the title in 1984 at the expense of Olajuwon and the Houston Cougars.

Olajuwon won in the final against the Ewings, but the Knicks had a 3-2 lead first. In the end, New York City couldn’t survive the turmoil and skipped the next two games in the series.

Loss of Father Benefit 2-0 in 93 ECF

The Chicago Bulls got a Knicks number almost every time they played each other in the ’90s.

Sure, they destroyed the bulls without Jordan in 1994, but they never had one over Chicago when his air was closed. They are approaching the finish line of the 1993 Eastern Conference with a 2-0 lead on the Taurus triple tie.

It was their best chance to go through Chicago, as Jordan was distracted at the time after he was blown away by the media during the show for his trip to Atlantic City.

Jordan fought hard in the third game and left the field in three of the eighteen games. But the Knicks couldn’t make any money and they were dismantled on the street.

With the return of the two-part series to MSG, the world witnessed one of the most eye-catching pieces of all time. With the game on the line Knicks forward Charles Smith missed four consecutive attempts.

Of course bullfighting played a role, but that moment showed how unhappy New York was. They lost the game (and the series) 4:2.

Non-disembarkation from Zion

Zion Williamson, Knicks.

Connecting points

As for the savior of the franchise, Zion Williamson would be an ideal candidate for the Knicks. He had a supernatural talent and exceptional potential that could bring life back to Mecca.

By participating in the 2019 lottery, the Knicks had a 14.0 chance at picnic number one (with the highest percentage of Phoenix Sens and Cleveland Cavaliers). It wasn’t long before fans started taking pictures of Zion in a Knicks T-shirt.

But when the time came to decide their fate, the Knicks missed their chance again. The best choice was the pelicans of New Orleans, who only had a six percent chance of leaving.

The Knicks picked up third place in the Draft of 2019 and stayed with teammate Duke Williamson RJ Barrett. So far, the young Canadian man is good for New York, but his influence is not as unstable as Zion.

Kevin Love