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Xbox Series X – did you have a little problem last week? (Photo: Microsoft)

In Monday’s inbox you’ll find new game rites from the past and present, as the player can use Wii Sports as one of the best games to get started.

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No harm means that last Thursday’s
thread on Inside Xbox could be a PR victory if it is not wrongfully announced as the first look at the next gene of the game. Representative choreographies from cinemas equipped with game engines can have between 100% and 10% DNA in the final product. Now that everything has been denied, no lies have been told, but it goes back to the big disingenuous shows, like the watchdogs, so it leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Sold as a Nintendo-style mini-direct for some third-party games coming to Xbox and optimised for Xbox’s X series, it would be great. The first game, Bright Memories: Infinity is a passionate project of one man, Microsoft really mentioned it in the wire and he did a great job. Create a story about how the next gene will give independent developers the tools they need to make their games look like AAA, which independent developers have already commented on.

PC and Xbox Series X (Microsoft, your Xbox nomenclature is a mess) exclusive console The developers of The Medium told Eurogamer that only the next genre can give a vision of their game. Banter has something to do with gameplay, with the way the two worlds interact. That would be interesting to see.

In fact, I do not think that Microsoft has tried to be duplicative, otherwise the flow would be so disruptive because it is an early stop in the very long train of the next gene, just a little ignorant. The Treasury may now change and step out of the Twitch language to look like us, but such things remind you that they are not.

I have to say that I totally disagree with the reading function and the mailbox emails regarding the Xbox Series X 20/20 event. Of course it was more inflated than it actually was, but the Sony PlayStation 5 developer event was less critical.

At the Xbox event, we were able to see at least some previously unseen IP addresses, many of which were on board Smart Delivery, a promising service. The Xbox team has acknowledged its mistakes and hopes to correct them at the next tournament.

Wii loves
I agree with the player who described Wii Sports as one of the best launch titles because it really sold the whole concept of Wii to everyone, not just the players. I remember Mummy and Daddy telling me that they wanted to buy the Wii console without even suggesting that I wanted it. It was a console they didn’t just buy for me, which was absolutely unbelievable at the time because it meant I could play all the other Wii games without having to ask for it for Christmas or my birthday.

But I think Wii Sports is still loved by a lot of people. As I’ve often heard, people on social networking sites and podcasts can’t wait to see this game move to some kind of Switch, whether it’s a direct port or a new game called Switch Sports. So I’m not sure I agree with the readers when they say it’s the most successful but least popular starting game.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
Play now : Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One X)

Patience Test
Play Call of Duty : The modern war from Christmas to Christmas, I finally opened the camouflage room in Damascus. I have to say that it was very difficult to play the old Modern Warfare multiplayer series, which I loved. This card seems to be the best of my favourite cards from Rust, Baclotte, Send and Shoot in the House.

The shield challenge was most disappointing – three deaths 25 times, even on small cards. It was crazy, two murders, and then my own crew takes me out a hundred times. So I insisted and I realized you’d be lucky if you were patient and risked a quick blow.

The launchers are also on the ground, the support channels are not very popular; more people will have to use personal radar instead of drones, it will be easier.

To be honest, camouflage is an expression of your patience and determination, because as soon as I play with camouflage, everyone takes you out, because it is a bright and useless color as a disguise.
Hope for the classic Overgrown, Afghan, homestead, oasis, village and strike cards.

Now, an obsidian cloaking device?
Bigboss1960 (PSN ID)

Enemies for life
Is there anything you do when you start a new game? I know some people have read the manual from cover to cover, but it’s obvious you’re not getting the manual now. When I start a new game, I always check if I can fall off a cliff or if there is an invisible wall that prevents this. It’s also useful to know which games you can accidentally fall off the edge if you’re not careful enough.

I also attack friendly characters in the single game to see if it’s one of those games where you can’t attack your comrades; if it hurts them, I usually do it again. But it’s useful to know that I can accidentally injure a friendly character with a lost missile.
Andrew J.
PS : I’m looking forward to Star Wars: Father Immortal on PlayStation VR, because I didn’t think it would be on PlayStation VR, which fortunately I bought exclusively from Oculus. I think Game Central gave him a good reminder?

HONG KONG: Yeah, very good. But as a suggestion: Don’t try to attack friendship tricks in Dark Souls or any other FromSoftware game.

Convicted to crash
So new DLC on the horizon for Doom Eternal. It’s all well and good, but maybe they want to improve the game to make it work better.

It’s a much worse game than the one I’ve ever played, because of the crashes and some bugs. When the campaign is over and the secrets have been collected, she returns to the start screen. It crashes at the hunters’ doors, crashes while collecting items, levels are not loaded, etc. I made a mistake when I played it on the original Xbox One, and I feel like he can’t handle it.

I tried a few things, but it didn’t work. It is no longer available to play, and no other game I have ever played has come this close to this disaster on Xbox One. I may want to play DLC, but I may have to buy an Xbox One X to make it work properly, although I’ve read on the internet that the same problems occur.

HONG KONG: Really? We had a great time on PlayStation 4.

Read more
I just saw how the gameplay of the Xbox X-series has improved. They say first impressions count, and I say whoever set this up has to be fired! Fortunately, I came back for a second look and there were a number of interesting games to focus on. My strengths, first game shown, Clear Memory: Endlessly, it was really beautiful and in my opinion better than in Assassin’s Creed, which is even more impressive when you know that it is only the work of one person!

Another one is called Escalade, at first glance I left it as an ordinary shooter, which is not the material of the next generation. However, it went far enough on my list to see 12 minutes playing, it’s up to you to whistle! Why was that not part of the presentation, there is breathtaking lighting, destruction of the set and a number of miraculous effects, none of which came to the fore in the presentation.

This presentation was followed by detailed information about the game’s features with space imagery and improvements to the Xbox X series, such as improved asteroid collision detection and improved specific destruction. These are things that are much easier to show than frame rate or resolution. Most of the recordings shown contain warnings that they represent the gameplay of the Xbox X series, indicating that they don’t even work on Xbox X series machines! Xbox has at least recognized this and will hopefully adjust future shows accordingly.

HONG KONG: The climbing video, which was mentioned by several readers, was an IGN exclusive:

Alternative controls for
I just watched the Bad Influence clip before switching to N64, which you put on the Inbox page on Saturday.

It got me thinking when she explained the different ways to use the controller, the third way was with her right hand on an analog stick and her left hand on the D-pad. Have games ever used this controller setting?

HONG KONG: We’re pretty sure that at least one game, we mean it might have been a fighting game, but we don’t remember the name. The reader may remember this.

Downhill Love
Although I’m very busy entering data now, you see a lot of love when you change. The anger is brilliant, Super Mario Maker 2 has a new weekly competition and after the finish of Zelda: Link’s Awakening I’m trying to finish Luigi’s mansion 3 now. Now I have a new passion…

Lonely mountains: I bought it below just after reading the report on the change. After about five minutes I wondered if I had made a big mistake, so frustrated was I? and slightly intuitive control. After fifteen minutes I was completely excited when everything fell into place, the mountain bike descent was euphoric. The graphic style is excellent, and it probably shows how Indie can surpass the Troika A title, such as Cool, by an exceptional game.

I’ve read with interest articles about the possible lack of consistency when breaking into rocks, but since the (pretty bad) physics of mountain biking seems to apply, you can make huge jumps at certain speeds and fall safely, and then find a small piece of gravel to fall out.
team_catcave (switch and PSN-ID)

HONG KONG: The Luigi 3 mansion is very popular?

Thank you for your comments about the Lonely Mountains: Downstairs. I’d never heard of him before I read the magazine on Friday, and he looked like my thing! I was going to buy one for my light switch, but it was marked, and there it was, on a game pass for my Xbox. I’ve been going down the slopes all weekend and I’m totally excited! It’s these little nuggets that make me read every day, starting with the era of teletext digitization! The best work, as always!
Saint Stikman

HONG KONG: We’re glad we’re not the only ones who haven’t heard about it.

If I also enter
, I cannot accept the weekend with the reader’s report. Microsoft must have gotten involved. There are things that people are interested in but haven’t really shown. Let’s hope the next one shoots, like Phil said.

This was mentioned last week, but what does Smart Delivery have to do with getting the next version of the genre for free? These are just two random words that have nothing to do with the (very good) concept for which they are intended. Microsoft marketers are really weird.

This week the hot iron is
. This weekend’s inbox question was suggested by an Isha reader asking what are the most impressive video game charts you’ve ever seen.

A new generation of consoles is fast approaching what has impressed you the most so far? Was this only achieved through technical progress, or did artistic design and camera work also play a role?

What are the things that usually impress you in games when it comes to images, and what do you hope to make possible for the next generation which is impossible or very difficult at the moment?

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