Daniel Jones represents a significant percentage increase over Eli Manning.


Danielle Jones (L) and Eli Manning (R)

When Daniel Jones joined the NFL, he brought with him many things that were seen as negative qualities that would impede his professional success. After a year, he began to expose these beliefs and bring out the truth about those who doubted them.

One of the most important negatives floating above Jones’ head during his military service in 2019 was the inferior strength of his hands. But although the strength of his hand may never have reached the calibre of Josh Allen/Matthew Stafford, it certainly didn’t stop him from making his mark in the professional competition. Of course, a good change of course for the faithful of G-Men.

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Eli Manning, Captain Chekdown?

Eli Manning will always occupy an important place in the hearts of Giants fans. However, I think we all agree that the future Farmer Hall has become a bit shy in the final phase of his career. The burden of responsibility lies in the inability of the front office to provide adequate protection in advance, if not more than in reducing the quarterback’s qualification. As a result, Manning was heavily reliant on controls, sometimes even errors.

Pro Football Focus has recently experienced a setback, which is the quarterback’s tendency to reverse the control he’s taking. In the last two seasons of Manning in East Rutherford, he has controlled the ball 72 times with 759 passes.

His cheque fell by 9.5% during the same period and he is ranked sixth in the NFL. With names like Blake Bortles and Mason Rudolph accompanying Manning to the top of those ranks, this should tell you all you need to know to know whether or not you consider these statistics negative.

Jones’ willingness to expand the field of action makes attacking the giants terrifying

The arrival of Daniel Jones in the Giants’ early eleven in 2019 created extra excitement and a desire to expand the field vertically, something the New Yorkers hadn’t seen as a quarterback in many years.

The editor of Pix23 next to Manning and Jones’ PFF control breaks show the strong fluctuations in each other’s play, which can be seen below.

DJs have his attackers watching again, partly from the NYGiants.

Chekdown Jones finished seventh overall with 4.3 percent, controlling only 21 of the 493 pass attempts during his rookie campaign.

Jones’ athletics, Moxie leads to the big races.

How did a player who was so highly regarded 13 months ago for the mediocrity of his arm strength end up on the list, trapped between talented players with big hands like Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomez and Lamar Jackson?

First of all, Jones’ hatred of the hand, as with most of his overall scores, was a bit exaggerated. Another important aspect was his fearlessness and recklessness. The newcomer was thrown into the fire with a list of victims, including Barkley’s hobby, sometimes disposing of a large sponsor in his apartments.

However, the most important factor in the large gap between Manning and Jones when testing speed could be Jones’ athletic ability. From a sporting point of view, the quarterback is a radical improvement over Manning, and despite the dubious form that lies ahead of him, this fact has allowed him to regularly broaden and rebuild the games.

Oh, and the appearance of speed star Darius Slayton on the final stretch of the 2019 race course can’t hurt. Although it can be said that Slayton’s success and Jones’ willingness to make air go hand in hand.