One day at a time.


After three critical seasons on Netflix, the show was cancelled one day at a time and never really ended. But fans and critics were so outraged that POP TV flew in to save the day and resumed the show for his fourth season, which will air on Tuesday 24th. March, will begin at 9:30. ET/PT.

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One day at a time 4 Preview

One day after the other | Official TrailerTo see the official trailer after the other! CHANNEL FINDERS: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

More than a year has passed since the third season of Netflix fell one day at a time, but the long national nightmare of waiting for the new season is finally over. The first seven episodes of the new season are entitled Control Boxes, Pinny Pinching, Boundaries, one Halloween after another, Diamonds, Superman and Church and an Explanation.

It has always been described that the episodes include seeing the Alvarez family facing the 2020 count and what it means for their family and their future, and that Penelope (Justina Machado) understands that she has to give herself something new while Elena (Isabella Gomez) fights for the game of electronic sports.

But whatever the plot, the actors and directors are happy to see that they are making more of their favorite series. During the Association of Television Critics’ Winter Press Tour in 2020, creator Gloria Calderon Kellett said they didn’t know how POP TV got them, but they were so grateful it happened.

They just came and saved us, as far as we know, Calderon Kellett said. We don’t know all the subtleties of the magic that took place behind the scenes, but we are happy to have this new house, and we are grateful to Netflix for giving us these first three seasons, really.

She also said that changing the channel doesn’t mean they changed the DNA of the show they’ve been doing for the past three years – it’s still a show about what it’s like to be Latino in America now.

It’s just politics now latino in America. So people talk about what’s going on in their house and that’s what we think of the show. So if you feel organic, it’s because most of what really happens to us or to one of the writers in the room always happens, Calderon Kellet said. Then let’s go. The biggest compliment we got was that Justyna read the first episode and said It’s Our Show. And it’s like: Yeah, it’s the same thing. That’s beautiful.

Four firsts on one day of the season, Tuesday the 24th. Walk at 9:30. ET/PT on POP TV.

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