Deciphering the sun’s kiss

  • The hair: Short on the sides.
  • Leather: Beautiful dark olive green skin color, at the edge of the twilight.
  • The face: Lunchtime silk.
  • The Brownes: Thick, of course, and a little manual.
  • Lips: Swollen and covered with lip balm.
  • Accessories : A silver stallion in the ear and a sports hat on the back.

Personal care


Ohry Royal Ayurveda Nim and Tulsi Moisturizing Gel

Good skin is more important than pale skin. Work to increase the natural tone of the skin, and try not to change it with whitening creams or Justice creams. Maintaining a regular maintenance programme : Facial skin, facial mask and water-based moisturizer in the evening, just before bedtime.

To prevent your skin from looking oily or greasy, use a tonic twice a week, ideally at the end of the day. Put a few drops on a cotton swab and wipe your face – especially the T-spot (forehead and nose).

For sunburn and dry skin, use a moisturizing gel or serum with anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties. Apply if necessary.


Avoid wearing coloured lenses. If necessary, however, you can only use the brown or hazelnut color, as this emphasizes the twilight tones of the skin. However, you are safer if you keep the colour of your eyes as natural as possible.

Use a refreshing eye drop and cleanser (only on expert advice) to make the main eye colour look as clean and white as possible. Make sure your eyes never get red or tired.


Real men don’t hug and puff, and you have no reason to! Make sure your lips don’t look dry or cracked. In the evening, use beeswax or an oil-based lip balm just before bedtime. Lip balm keeps your lips soft and smooth.

Smoking can make your lips darker than they actually are. If you have smoky lips, use a lip pad once a week or as needed to keep your lips looking cleaner and fresher.


Trim or remove unwanted hair, even from the chest and arms, as this will make your skin smooth and healthy.

Clean elbows, knees and ankles with a sponge. This makes the areas appear lighter and removes the dark, dry outer layer of the skin. To give your skin a fine glow, use a water-based body lotion after bathing and before dressing.

Sun protection

Kiehl’s ultra-light body awnings

Just as men with light skin tend to have freckles, men with twilight or olive skin are prone to sun spots and pigmentation due to excessive sun exposure.

I suggest to use an effective sunscreen and spread it evenly over all open areas. SPF 50+ is recommended. Do not forget to apply the sunscreen at least 15 minutes before exposure to the sun.


Colours to wear

If you have an olive skin that tends to tan rather than toast in the sun, you have a so-called warm complexion. You’re in luck, because this skin colour is actually suitable for a much wider range of colours than lighter skin or a lighter complexion.

The first rule you should follow when it comes to clothing is not to let the skin tone match your clothes, even if you want a simple and minimalist style. If you like warm colours, make sure that the top and bottom of the clothes you wear are clearly different from your actual skin colour. The choice of clothes that are sometimes lighter or darker than the colour of the skin has to do its job.

Second: Avoid looking washed out by the shades and colors you wear. However, discoloured fingerprints are always beautiful in light skin tones. It can be a print on a T-shirt, shirt or other traditional or ethnic clothing.

Shades and hues

The safest color for dark skin is white. White is not only my favorite color, it is also extremely sensual and enhances most skin tones at dusk.

Earthy colours such as sand, beige and cream, but also black and grey are ideal for medium brown skin.

If you want to make a bold stylistic statement, wear a copper metallic tint. Gold can also be beautiful, although it’s usually a little too creased.

Although black and blue are the two main colours in every man’s wardrobe (they make up the majority of formal and corporate clothing), it is worth minimising them to make the most of his versatile complexion, allowing him to wear a variety of colours.

The dull tones of olive, beige, brown and mustard are always safe options. Sometimes you can wear dark shades of purple, blue (dark blue) or even burgundy (wine red), but also pastel shades of peach and yellow.

You can also take most shades of blue, with the exception of very light or pastel shades. Dark blue and navy blue looks good. In fact, a navy blue suit, sports hat or clean jeans will greatly enhance and enhance your natural complexion.

White on white

You can wear a white cardigan, underwear, t-shirt, shirt, pyjamas, jogging pants or drawstring pants and make sure you are well dressed. If you wear white, make sure that all clothes have the same colour and shade. There is nothing worse than combining two different shades of white.

For a relaxing holiday or a beach-inspired summer look, wear white pyjamas with a soft, half-open white shirt, cardigan or top. If your pyjamas or pants are made of a soft, breathable fabric, you should definitely wear white underwear. Coloured underwear must not be worn through the white panties!

Jewelry Showing

Burgundian dinner jacket from Blackberry

For formal clothing, you can choose jewelry in burgundy and blue. Combine it with something black to create a clean evening look.

In one minute, ready to be watched, wear a black top with long sleeves or shirt and black slides under a jeweled jacket, cardigan or gala bracelet.

Don’t forget that most evening wear should be complemented by a pair of black, formally closed shoes.

Black and white

If, like me, you want to limit yourself to the essentials, it never hurts to wear black and white together. It can be a casual look or a tuxedo for a very formal occasion.

Both colours have the ability to look good, even with dark skin tones, and if chosen well, you can look (and feel) both attractive and sexy.


As far as accessories are concerned, I strongly advise you to choose a type of white metal or silver or platinum accessories.

Don’t forget that gold accessories can sound as harsh as dark skin tones. This includes your jewelry, belt buckles, watches and sunglasses.

You can try the (male) earrings. This gives your face another dimension and there will surely be something that other people will notice. It can be a round or square silver or black leather earplug.

To draw more attention to your chest you can wear a thick silver or platinum necklace (flat or criss-cross) under a half-open shirt or over a sports top. Personally, I advise you not to wear rings, not because of the color of your skin, but because rings don’t fit most men!

(Author biography: Author – advisor and trainer for image, style and care).

From 7. June 2020