Actor Jay Baruchel has been conquering audiences for years, whether with his first roles in projects like Almost Famous or Million Dollar Baby, with twists and turns in projects like This Is the End and Tropic Thunder, or even with the voice of the hiccups in a How to Teach Your Dragon franchise, with his latest project – Random Acts of Violence, for which he got a brand new poster. In horror films Barouchel plays a triple role. He not only plays the leading role in a feature film, but is also co-author of the adaptation of the eponymous Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray-comic, in addition to his work as a director. Watch the movie poster below for the release this summer.

In the film, Todd Walkley (Jesse Williams) and his publisher Ezra (Barouchel) made a career as a cartoonist, based on a real serial killer named Slasherman. During a press tour to announce the publication of their latest issue, they visit the city where Slasherman wreaked havoc twenty years earlier. After he arrived, a series of new murders… …murders strangely familiar from Todd Slasherman’s comic books. Speculation and paranoia are based on the identity of a mysterious killer.

Jordana Brewster and Neve Wilson were also in the movie.

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More than a simple horror film, Barouchel has already described in detail how the project tackles a number of different themes.

I think he itched a bunch of different, Baruchel told Variety about the painting last fall. For those of you who want a good horror movie with good fears, I think. But for me it’s a terrible story about the creative process, about what can happen when an artist’s head is in his ass and at the expense of his direct job. Watch any documentary or read any rock biography – they’re all guys important to the world, but nine times out of ten they really suck for their loved ones.

He added that we [also] have quite strong views on the downplaying of violence against women. That doesn’t mean you can’t show what you’ve said, but you can’t show what you’ve said in a trivial way when people give themselves a high price. We’ve discovered something: None of us could name a character in Jason’s movies except Jason. There’s a guy with red hair, a guy with freckles or super horny or whatever, but I couldn’t name any of the characters. I couldn’t describe anything about him. It tells me that none of them are heroes, that Jason is a hero [and] what matters is another sadism. I had questions, and I was interested in their completeness, consequences and responsibility.

Keep up to date on details of random assaults.

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