Singh has represented India in 14 tests, 58 ODI and 10 T20I, and was part of the national team that won the first T20 World Championship in 2007.

MS Dhoni and RP Singh MS Dhoni and RP Singh (Source: Getty Images and Instagram)

Being the captain of an Indian crew is one of the most prestigious tasks. But in addition to this function, the captain is also under enormous pressure and responsibility. It is well known that many Indian captains have had to deal with enormous pressure on the field and beyond. The MS Donny, a former Indian captain, has included his name in the record books as one of the most successful Indian cricket captains.

Written and quiet on the field, Doni was known for his decisions and sports knowledge. One of Captain Doni’s biggest talks took place in 2008, when information about his decision was announced during the qualifying session. According to a 2008 report, Doni did not support the farmers’ decision to replace RP Singh with Irfan Pathan. The Viking Batsman also threatened to resign as captain and eventually joined Singh in the next two games.

Singh recalled the incident and suggested that Donny was unprejudiced in choosing the right players. Donny was a happy getaway. Singh also said he had a conversation with Doni in which they discussed areas where the pacemaker could be improved and made more effective. According to Singh, Donny urged the players to follow the plans better.

I don’t believe MS Dhoni was affected by the leak. RP Singh

I don’t think I got hit by the leak. In the English series we’re talking about, I didn’t get the target at Indore. Clearly, people think they still have two or three chances. But it wasn’t supposed to happen. Some people have 5 chances, others 10 who are lucky, said RP in an interview with Sports Branch.

We [Donny and I] have discussed what I can do better. I know Donny has multiple sclerosis. Friendship is something else, but running a country is something else. At the time, I think he was pushing the ones he thought were the best. I think he’d better follow the plans, added the speedster.

Singh also appreciated Donny’s unbiased opinion and decision-making. Singh admitted that he was one of the best left-handed players to wear an Indian T-shirt because his speed and swing had decreased. However, he stated that he did not regret his career.

Singh has represented India in 14 tests, 58 ODI and 10 T20I, and was part of the national team that won the first T20 World Championship in 2007. The last presentation of the Speedster for India took place during the ODI 2011 game against England.

That’s why today is Donny’s multiple sclerosis. His unbiased views on cricket and decision making. I didn’t play as much as I should have, because my speed and momentum might have decreased. Everything else is secondary. If I’d been better at it then, I’d have played more. But I’m satisfied with everything I’ve accomplished, he added.