Tuesday night Shahid Kapoor had another session with his fans and told me the details of his upcoming movie and what he had eaten for dinner. The actor confirmed he’ll be in an action movie after Jersey.

It has been reported that Shahid is preparing a film to be produced by Karan Johar. Earlier a source, the Mumbai Mirror, said it has a patriotic connotation and is run by the beginner. Shahid is a fan of the action genre, and he really wants to be a part of this movie. He needs to turn up the volume on this part.

Shahid was also questioned about his quarantine plans. He had a three-point answer: Make it a routine, simplify it and slow it down. When one of the fans asked him what the formula was for overcoming stress and negativity, he answered: The situation doesn’t change with the negative. He can only see the worst. If you want to help yourself, be active, make a plan and start working towards it.

Mira Rajput sits alone on the couch.

Meanwhile, Mira Rajput’s wife shared her love at a time of social exclusion when she sat alone on the sofa. Shahid, who is pleased with the success of his film Kabir Singh 2019, was asked when he would be working with Chiara Adwani again. The actor reacted sarcastically: Every time she has a date. He also said that Behaali was his favorite song of Kabir Singh.

When asked what he learned from his character in the movie Hyder 2014, the actor gave a humorous answer. Sar mundvao aan bale wapis aane my bahut time lagta hai (If you’re bald, it takes a long time for your hair to grow)

Among the many strange questions a fan asked Shahid when he appeared on the Aasta Spiritual Channel, he answered: Mira kehirdhar is cracked. When the actor was asked about his dinner, he replied that he had rice and cauliflower for the night.

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Shahid also shared his post shortly after Prime Minister Narendra Maudie announced the imposition of a national blockade to combat the coronavirus epidemic. The actor shared a message with his fans on Instagram and talked about how he can remain physically, mentally and emotionally strong. Then he asked them to believe, pray often, meditate, cook, read and talk to all the important people. He also said: See how the sky turns blue every day. Twenty-one days go by.