If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the killer movies, it’s that the killer will never die. Especially if the killer is Jason Voorhees.

No matter how hard the finalists try, Jason Voorhees goes up and down to Crystal Lake. Except Friday the 13th: The last chapter threatened to put him in the ground forever. As the Golden Age of the Massacre comes to an end, Vourhees is killed in the final chapter by the young Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman). Friday the 13th: The new beginning, which took place 35 years ago on the 22nd. Published in March 1985, it marked a turning point for the franchising. The second entry in Tommy Jarvis’ so-called trilogy marks a strange spit where a pathetic Uodunnite is offered in an attempt to change the trajectory of the series.

The plot unfolds a few years after the events of the previous film A New Beginning, Now, for Tommy Jarvis (now played by John Shepard) – a new beginning. Between the two films, poor Tommy suffered from a mental illness that led to the expansion of psychiatric hospitals. Halfway through his return to at-risk youth, Tommy’s struggle to reintegrate into society becomes more difficult as Jason Vourghis seems to return to kill those around him.

But to the great disappointment of the fans, Voorhees remains dead throughout the entire recording.

New Start focuses on Tommy’s unstable mental state. He was withdrawn and tense, sweating fast and suffering from the nightmarish visions of Jason Wurghiz. Like Tommy’s last moments in the previous film, Tommy’s current thinking had to portray him as an unreliable protagonist. The horrific axe murder of an endangered man, Joey, causes a new wave of murders. He can be a starting point for the unbalanced residents in the middle of the house or for the strange and bitter neighbours in the country, but it is just as likely that it is Tommy. Standard killer is Jason Voorhees, but masks die for a dead copycat. Memories and hallucinations reveal Jason’s real mask with red details, while the imitator wears a fake mask with blue chevrons.

A murderer? The driver of the paramedic and father of Joey’s murdered son, Roy Burns (Dick Wyland).

It is not only the fact that this sequel tries to shake things up by depicting a completely different killer in a new environment, which makes it so strange for the canon, but also the sound and aesthetic approach of director and co-writer Danny Steinman. First of all, New Start is a weird music record. Almost every character sings or dances at some point, even the funniest murder in the film: Miguel A. Nunez Jr.’s demon has been caught with his pants down and stabbed in the country house while he’s cooking for his already dead girlfriend Oh, baby. Got Violet (Tiffany Helmet) gets a machete on her body and dances her heart to the pseudo-echo of her eyes.

Steinmann originally intended to give Violette a much more disturbing ending, with a machete going straight to her crotch. Knowing that this murder will be verified by the MPAA, the murder was covered up. In a movie that already feels bad, it would mean a bad death. The PDS may have had a strong aversion to grief and violence, but seemed to have no remorse for nudity. Nudity is of course quite common in the 80’s, but Steinmann seems to use it to overcompensate the carved mountain. Because he has worked in porn and exploitation films so far, he has approached sex and nude scenes in a similar way.

According to Peter Brack’s Crystal Lake memory book: The whole story of Friday the 13th, the production of this film is known to have been associated with the use of hard drugs, which probably stirred the flames of the strangeness of the film. The main character is a sweaty deaf-mute who lets Pam (Melanie Kinnaman) and Reggie (Shavar Ross) live a hard life against the fake Jason. In addition to these three characters, there are a number of eccentric hits such as Ethel (Carol Locatelli) and her son Junior (Ron Sloan), unbalanced teenagers halfway around the house and a few horny neighborhoods, all of whom act like they’re in a completely different movie than The Thorn. None of these symbols is a plausible diversion. The idea was probably that most people would buy the resurrection of Jason Vourges or that Tommy would become the new Vourges, but it was still a strange tonal collision.

At a time when interest in the massacre has waned and frankness has been criticized for repeating the experience, the new departure has been to shake things up. What if someone else took the killer’s masked dress? What if it happened somewhere other than camp? That went as well as Halloween III: Witch Season has decided to test the water by eliminating Michael Myers. Immediately, Jason Lives, corrected and subtitled everything; Jason Voorhees came back from the grave.

The new start represents a fork in the road, which was then immediately closed. It’s dirty, it’s so weird, and it’s a very unique deviation from the franchise. This means that it is usually one of the most polarizing and controversial recordings of the series. Either you’re on board with this footprint of chaos, or you’re very angry with Roy Burns’ poor, broken attempt to mimic an icon.

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